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Anyway, many people are familiar with problems falling asleep, hours without sleep at night, drowsiness and also fatigue. However, when problem with sleep is an ordinary phenomenon, when they appear in the way of daily life and hamper ability for normal functioning during a day, people can suffer from sleep disorder. Insomnia and also other problems with sleep cause more than simply somnolence. Lack of high-quality sleep has negative influence on your emotional balance, energy, productivity and health. Inabilities to fall asleep or insomnia are the most widespread sleep complaints. Insomnia problem can be invoked by different things, including stress, jetlag, health, medication, or even the number of drinking coffee and may be caused by other problems with sleep or mental illnesses as depression and also anxiety.

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Ambien covers to sedative medicine's class and affects chemicals in brain unbalanced, which can cause insomnia. Sleeping pills have a relaxing effect. It is appointed to treat sleep problems, such as inability to sleep, frequent awakening during the night, early morning awakenings.
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Dormicum refers to strong sedative prescribed for human administration of general anesthesia and its further maintenance, and for general induction of anesthesia, for sedation before diagnostic procedures or operations for continuous sedation during intensive care.
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Imovane is new high effective hypnotic. Statement is difficulty falling asleep, awakenings, early awakening, secondary sleep disorders in psychiatric disorders, situational or chronic insomnia.
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Ambien Stilnox belongs to hypnotic medications from group imidazopyridine used in composition of many modern hypnotic preparations.

The first step in the treating of sleep-insomnia should be a medical test examination to find out if there is a sign of any disease. As a rule, after successful treatment of underlying disease insomnia passes. However, insomnia can have no apparent cause. Hypnotic drugs may be recommended in the following cases: insomnia symptoms are especially severe, need to alleviate the short-term insomnia, you cannot cope with insomnia in other ways. Hypnotics must be applied in the smallest effective dosage for the possible short time period (usually hypnotic course lasts no more than one week). People are always recommended to take medicine two or possible three nights within a week, and also not every night. Preparations may cause the side effects as feeling resembling a hangover, drowsiness.

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