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Neggram belongs to the medical agents with antimicrobial action from the quinolones’ group. It is an uroantiseptic. The main active matter is Nalidixic acid. This substance manifests some activity by relations to some bacteria and also to the several strains resistanted to the sulfonamides and antibiotics. The remedy gives evidence of bacteriostatic or bactericidal actions in dependence of causative agent‘s concentration and its sensitiveness to the medicament’s components. Neggram 500 mg 120 pills are the view of realizing which is applied by different physicians during the whole course of treatment. These medicines are generally applied inward under some bacterial inflammatory-infectious illnesses of urinary tract (pyelonephritis, urethral syndrome, urethritis and cystitis), sicknesses of prostate gland, some infections of gastroenteric tract, cholecystitis and several others. Nowadays every patient which has one of these diseases can choose the cheapest medicaments, do ordering in presented Internet-pharmacies and buy Neggram online with various packages and dosages.

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Generic name: Nalidixic acid. Brand names: Neggram.

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