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Patanol eye drops belong to the ophthalmologic medical preparations. It is a selective blocker of histamine H1-receptors. The remedy also inhibits deblocking of inflammation mediators from the fatty cells. The medicament renders the expressed antiallergic action. The anti allergic medical agent Patanol 5 ml�.1% 2 bottles are the widest taken dosage between all patients. The preparation is an innovative eye drops for the medical cure of allergic conjunctivitis by adults and some children from the age of three years old. This remedy considerably decreases the symptoms of eye allergy immediately after instillation. The medicament doesn’t call the habit and it can be applied for prolonged period of treatment. You have to use this medicant by a drop two times a day. Some anti depressed medical agents are widespread applied after psychiatrist’s consulting only but it is probably and becomes the easiest way nowadays to buy Patanol online in various internet-chemists shops without prescriptions.

Generic name: Olopatadinum. Brand names: Patanol, Opatanol.

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Product name : Patanol
Dosage : 5ml/0.1%
Quantity : 1, 2, 3 bottles
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