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Regenon belongs to the modern medical agents which are well-known as appetite suppressants. The medication possesses by expressed anorectic activity but it practically doesn’t influence on the central nervous system, peripheral adrenoceptive structures and cardiovascular system. The preparation renders the weakest stimulated influence on the central nervous system. In medicinal dosages the medicament doesn’t change an arterial pressure. Regenon 25mg 120pills are the most widespread realizing form of these medicines. They are applied in view of remedy brought down excessive appetite under the treatment of obesity’s different forms (including exogenous one), adiposogenital dystrophy (in combination with hormonal therapy), hypothyroidism and other forms of fatness. The least expressed influence on the cardiovascular system can help to use these medicines under some obesity by persons with not sharp expressed vasculocardiac sicknesses. Nowadays it becomes convenient, popular and very easy to buy Regenon online in US drugstores.

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Generic name: Phepranonum. Brand names: Regenon.

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