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Vancomycin refers to tricyclic glycopeptide antibiotics. Remedy has bactericidal (kills bacteria) effect by blocking the synthesis of cell wall of microorganisms sensitive to it. It is effective against staphylococcus, streptococcus, corynebacterium and clostridium. Gram negative bacterias, protozoa, viruses, fungi are resistant to Vancomycin. Medication has no cross-resistance (stability) with other drugs-antibiotics. Medicament is widely distributed in most tissues and also body fluids. After oral taking the preparation Vancomycin is poorly absorbed. The widely-spread realization form is Vancomycin 250mg 90pills. It crosses the placental barrier. With the simultaneous usage of Vancomycin and local anesthetics the risk of congestion and other symptoms of histamine reaction increase. Indications for cure are severe bacterial infections caused by the susceptible pathogens to the medicine. Patient can buy antibiotic vancomycin with no prescription and online.

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